sweet memories

red rose and vintage postcards.. some notes...... The rose has always been valued for its beauty and fragrance and has a long history of symbolism and meaning. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love (Aphrodite and Venus). In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where confidential matters were discussed. The phrase sub rosa, or "under the rose", means to keep a secretderived from this ancient Roman practice. According to the Victorian "Language of flowers", different coloured roses each have their own symbolic meaning: * Red: love * Pink: grace, lesser feelings of love * Dark Pink: gratitude * Light Pink: admiration, sympathy * White: innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility. n some pagan mythologies, no undead or ghostly creatures (particularly vampires) may cross the path of a wild rose. It was thought that to place a wild rose on a coffin of a recently deceased person would prevent them from rising again.

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The red colour in the rose gives messages of love and passion... A poster for those that loving. Postcards are vintage. Limit Edition print.