Product Shot - Daylight in Studio


* The brightness of the light should be even throughout the frame, meaning no falloff of the light. If the light is brighter on one side of the frame and it diminishes on the other, it will give away the trick.

* Use lots of fill light. Without lots of fill, the shot could look like night.

* Shadows tend to look blueish outside, so use cool fill cards to get the look.

* Some part of the highlight area should blow out a tad. The contrast levels outside during the day are high, so expose for the middle tone and bracket your exposures.

* Decide what time of day it is you are re-creating. This will dramatically impact your lighting style. If it’s high noon, the light should come from overhead and be somewhat harsh and very blue. If it’s late in the afternoon, the shadows should be long, the light should be warm in color, and don’t use quite as much fill light.

* Use a low ISO, such as ISO 50 or 100. This will diminish the grain and is what the eye is used to for film photography.

* Maximize depth of field (unless going for a long lens look)

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