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Decorate Your house on a Budget

Select the Paint or Wallpapers

A paint can change the whole out look of a room. You can single out on wall and paint it in a color that stands out from the rest. Also according to the style, you can choose the colors. Decide on a wall color to fit the whole look of the room. For Victorian, a rosy pink, or an off-white, country can be anywhere from blue and yellow, to pink and white.

Selecting an Art work

Find some good artwork. It isn\'t as expensive as you may think. You can buy from a retail or craft store, or photocopy images from a book, and frame them. An art work adds character to the room. You can select something that pleases your eyes. There is no point buying art that you do not understand. It might me the most popular, expensive art, but you should stick to something that makes you happy looking at it.