THE MONOGRAM (1972) Odysseas Elytis POEM - limited edition version1

THE MONOGRAM (1972)  Odysseas Elytis POEM - limited edition version1
Description It’s still early in this world, do you hear me
The monsters have not been tamed, do you hear me
My lost blood and the sharp, do you hear me
Like a ram racing in the heavens
Breaking the branches of the stars, do you hear me
It’s me, do you hear me
I love you, do you hear me
Holding you and taking you and dressing you
In Ophelia’s white wedding dress, do you hear me
Where are you leaving me, where are you going and who, do you hear me
Elytis' poetry has marked, through an active presence of over forty years, a broad spectrum of subject matter and stylistic touch with an emphasis on the expression of that which is rarified and passionate. He did derive certain elements from Ancient Greece and Byzantium but devoted himself exclusively to today's Hellenism, of which he attempted —in a certain way based on psychical and sentimental aspects— to build up the mythology and the institutions. His main endeavour was to rid people's conscience from unjustifiable remorses and to complement natural elements through ethical powers, to achieve the highest possible transparency in expression and finally, to succeed in approaching the mystery of light, the metaphysics of the sun of which he was an idolater —by his own definition.

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A limited edition, original fine art digital collage print by Kostas Tsipos
This original type of Odysseas Elytis art is to
become a historical collector's item! Signed, dated
and numbered by artist. Created in a limited edition
of only 50 fine art prints.
This digital collage print with pigment inks on Fine art Cardstock paper with a matte finish.

The inks deliver deep-rich colors
for fine art prints that are stunning and gallery quality.
Printed on 8,268x 11,693 inches Fine art Eco texture Cardstock paper
If you want a custom bigger size from this print let me know for more info thnks:)
All pieces are shipped flat in a protective sleeve and a bend proof mailer.

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