neraidodhmiourgies's Shop creates gorgeous jewelry........fairy shop like MAGIC

DAMN YOU EMPLOYER! Damn you for crushing my creative sprit!

A peek at this might get the old juices going again:
inspiration swarovski pendant necklace

OK I'm lying. I am so lame tonight. Save yourself and go visit neraidodhmiourgies's Shop.
She'll give you the respect and attention you truly deserve.

Her Shop Name

antique love topaz butterflies earrings

Her real name

neraidodhmiourgies's Shop creates gorgeous jewelry with incredibly interesting color
combinations. Using sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, pearls, swarovski,
and lampworked beads, these creations really POP!!

bracelet silver amazing circlemarch love star keychain evil eye
Her shop means fairy creations. she is a 23 year old woman and she love the handmade jewelry and handmade items! she is fron Cyprus[Europe].

i met her in our greek street team .. she so lovely person .. and very kind:)
if you want a best friend she is here for you!!!!

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  1. artistico said... :

    great artist:) i love her work

  1. Εve said... :

    lovely feature! :)

  1. artistico said... :

    poy eisai neraida na deis tis filenades sou ,,, eyxaristw eya :)

  1. Ingermaaike said... :

    Fantastic creations!

  1. artistico said... :

    very great news about your sold :) )))))))s yes this item was great

  1. artistico said... :

    twra mpika me open id anti quest
    thnks antigoni

  1. fairyland said... :

    thank you all so much!best regards.
    if you have a blog, select leave comment as guest and in the nickname tab, type your blog url, so as to click and see your blog!

  1. Tina said... :

    Beautiful creations!

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