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New blog from my great friend SuppliesHandcrafted

just my friend and great artist SuppliesHandcrafted open a great blog you can find gorgeus art and supplies there :)

her profile :

As a creator, myself, I am a great believer in using Handcrafted Supplies, whenever possible. I began creating as a child & haven't stopped since. I'm an eclectic artist, meaning I have studied & created a wide variety of art, including mixed media,painting,collage,photography,embroidery,stitchery coastal decor,to name a few. With this full background I realized that something is missing in the field of Supplies. So, I've begun designing & creating handcrafted (handmade) supplies for all crafters & creators to use in their creations. I also adore using natural supplies in my art, so will be offering some in this shop (driftwood,sea urchins ,shell, sea glass, sea pottery/tiles).


i love her creations

also and YOU!!!