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Kids Crafts Ideas on a Budget

Nara period wooden scrapers called chu-gi. The...We all love crafts! They are a great way for kids to learn fine motor skills, and express themselves creatively, but being crafty can put a strain on your pocketbook at times. Going to the store to buy supplies for each and every craft project, just isn’t practical. Which is why, it’s important to learn how to come up with kids craft ideas on a budget. Consider using items and supplies that you already have on hand, for fun and simple impromptu projects.
There are so many items that often get overlooked when it comes to crafting. Think back to your own childhood. The days of toilet paper roll projects and egg cartons, should come rolling back. Remember how fun it was to create something beautiful out of something so plain? Help your kids relieve that same joy and pride with these simple tips and craft projects.
Recycle and Re-Use
Teaching your kids about recycling is a really good life lesson, so why not integrate craft time and science by re-using common household items? Paper bags, egg cartons and other goodies get a second life when they are forever treasured in the form of a craft project. Encourage your kids to come up with other household items that can be used for craft projects, you may be surprised at the things that they come up with!
Here are just a few of the materials that you can recycle, discover, or re-use for your own craft projects:

A glue gun. Picture by Luke Surl I hearby rele...

-Egg Cartons
-Grocery Bags (paper or plastic)
-Cardboard inserts from packaging and boxes
-Old denim or fabric swatches
-T-shirts that no longer fit
-Used birthday cards or bags
-Wrapping paper
-Toilet paper and paper towel rolls
-Plastic soda bottles
-Cans (use caution with sharp edges)
-Things found in nature: A rock, leaves, sticks, etc.

Gravel Art
Here is a great little project that uses items that you should have lying around! Enjoy!

Materials Needed:
-Large Cardboard Box
-Small pieces of gravel (You will need quite a bit)
-String or Yarn
-Simple Coloring Book or personal drawing
-White glue in squeeze bottle
-Crayons (optional)

1.Wash and rinse the gravel in a kitchen strainer. Spread out on towels to dry.
2.On your cardboard, use the pencil to make an outline of a simple drawing.
3.With the glue, trace over the outline.
4.Press string or yard onto the glue lines, cutting where necessary to form corners and angles.
5.Glue gravel onto the picture filling the spaces. You can use all one color, or use different colors for different areas.
6.If you wish to have a background, use crayons to draw and color one in.

Use Your Imagination
Once you get the hang of coming up with kids craft ideas, you will never go back to the store bought kits. There is so much more creativity and freedom that goes along with recycling and re-using common household items.

Sarah Jones loves teaching. When she isn’t homeschooling her own children, she is busy sharing her love of education with others.

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