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Seashell Decorated Diffuser Bottle

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Since summer is coming to an end I wanted to do a craft that would allow us to combine some of the fun things that we might have found at the beach. This is an easy project that can be done with just about anything and can be done on all sorts of bottles. The great thing, I have found, about these bottles is that they can given as gifts for any occasion.

Materials Needed:

Empty diffuser bottleSeashellsGlass beadsColored/stained sea glassStrong hold glue- I used Gorilla GlueCraft stick- used to apply glueSand-this is optional


Clean bottle if it contains any labels and glue. Lay out some newspaper to protect your workspace and lay the bottle down flat on the newspaper.Glue on the sea glass, seashells and beats. If you have chosen to use sand you can leave spaces between the sea glass pieces to sprinkle to sand onto the glue.All that is left is to let the glue dry completely before moving or gifting your new diffuser bottle.

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