6 Unique Tips to Save Money On Clothes

Unique Tips to Save Money On Clothes

When the economy is bad and you are looking to tighten up your budget, the first thing to do is cut expenditures. Learning how to save money on clothes is a gift that keeps on giving - the average person spends about $800 per year on new clothes. These 6 tips will help you to maximize your results!

1. Shop with Cash
The easiest way to save money on clothes is to only buy what you can afford. If you don’t have the money in your checking account to cover the cost of those must-have jeans, you cannot afford them. Save up if you must, but do not use your credit or store card! An added bonus is you may be able to negotiate an additional discount with smaller shops by paying with cash versus a card.

Discount Stores

2. Discount Stores
Stay away from the malls and boutique shops. Head for discount stores, such as Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. There are stylish bargains to be found at stores like these and you will pay a fraction of the price. It is important to note, however, that just because a store is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean you will save any money. You must also buy fewer things to reduce how much you spend overall.

3. Shop Out-of-Season
Shopping for spring and summer items in the fall and your fall and winter items in the spring will save you tons of money. Retailers will mark down out-of-season clothes to ridiculously low prices just to make room for new incoming merchandise. Staying ahead of your clothing needs is essential in order to get the best prices.

4. Look for Deals Online
Sign up for email lists through various retailers and you will receive coupons and alerts about the latest sales. If you are planning on buying a new item of clothing, you owe it to yourself to look online first and see if there are any coupons available or upcoming sales. You may even be able to purchase your items directly from the website as well – saving you time.

5. Consignment Shops
With so many trends from the past coming back in style, it is worth checking out your local consignment shop. You can even make money on your old clothes that you no longer wear. Consignment shops will sell your items in exchange for half of the cost. Several shops will also offer an additional discount if you use the money you made from consigning your clothes on in-store purchases.

Take Care of Your Clothing
6. Take Care of Your Clothing
The way to save the most money on clothes is by taking care of your current wardrobe, so you don’t need to go shopping as often. Avoid the dryer when possible and pay attention to the care tags on each garment to know how to wash them properly.

Having to buy new clothes now and then is unavoidable, but there are ways to spend less and get more for your money. Following these simple tips will save you a bundle and give you more money to spend on the essentials or debt reduction.

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