Avoiding the Nightmare of Black Friday


Black Friday is almost upon us, and with that day comes hordes of shoppers looking to get the best deals for the holidays. One can avoid the trauma sometimes caused by shopping on Black Friday, by looking ahead of time to see what is going to be offered and planning accordingly. Here are a few ways you can go about avoiding the headaches that come with holiday shopping.
Do Your Homework Ahead of Time
Black Friday deals are advertised in advance all over the web. One can find deals from stores such as Walmart, Target, JC Penney and other major retailers simply by doing a little detective work in advance.
In addition, many stores are looking to open earlier than normal. With Target opening for the first time at Midnight, other retailers plan to follow suit. This will give consumers earlier time frames than ever in which to shop.
Cyber Monday
One can opt to avoid Black Friday altogether and its rush of consumerism by shopping online.
Cyber Monday is now one of the largest shopping days for consumers. Online retailers offer deals that are sometimes just as good or better than ones the brick and mortar stores are promoting. One can often get free shipping with their items purchased online, and have the convenience of something being delivered to their door. This certainly beats fighting fellow shoppers for a parking spot at Toys R Us.
Devise a Strategy
For those who simply feel life will not be complete without a Black Friday road trip, and don't mind the crowds, advance planning is simply the best way to go. One can find any number of items in the stores. Probably the best strategy is to plan a route, rather than driving frenetically from store to store, only to find that your coveted items have already been sold out. Don’t be afraid to call ahead and make sure that that item you have your heart set on is still in stock.
Know Your Budget
It also helps to plan a budget in advance so that you will know how much you have to spend. When everything seems like a bargain you are apt to spend way more than intended to. You also should read the fine print and specifications on the ads so that you will be prepared in advance, and know exactly what it is that you will be buying. That way you won't be left disappointed with your purchase when the big day arrives.
Retailers expect to make a great deal of their yearly sales on Black Friday. Just take care when adding to that number, so that your Black Friday doesn't end up a nightmare.
Rebecca Jones is a financial blogger and contributing writer for payday loans.