Celebrate Christmas By The Pool

In some states where the winter is mild having a holiday pool party is not uncommon. Last year on Christmas Eve, much of Texas saw yuletide temperatures reach into the high eighties and even nineties! Although temperatures in Florida hovered at thirty-nine that very same year.

Even if your local weather does not cooperate, it's a great time to bring your friends and family together for hot cocoa and carols around the pine-scented fire pit. Imagine your nearby trees strung with colorful lights, oversize Christmas ornaments floating in a glowing backyard pool, and a holly wreath on the front of your outdoor barbecue. Just because it might be too cold to comfortably swim doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty of your backyard this holiday season.

A few borrowed or rented heat lamps can make your pool area a beautiful and spacious backdrop for your holiday party or open house. Some creative decorations can highlight your home's most beautiful feature. Don't forget the holiday cookies and mistletoe!

holiday pool party

Make your guest list and check it twice and your pool side Christmas party is sure to be nice! As much merriment as can be had, it's important not to forget pool safety year round. No one wants the most wonderful time of the year to end with injury or worse. Friends and family are sure to bring their kids around for the holiday fun and a pool safety fence is an attractive and effective way to make sure everyone stays dry and safe. A pool fence with a self-closing gate will keep children safe while not interfering with the aesthetic beauty of your pool and surrounding landscape. Plan a fantastic party, keep safety in mind and your event is sure to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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  1. Hellen G said... :

    i love Christmas party and those quick tips you gave me great ideas how can i organize my party.. !!! Thank you

  1. Rodolfo said... :

    real cool tips and idea... never think Christmas party with pool :-)

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