Christmas Decorating All Wrapped Up


Although Christmas only comes once a year, it might as well be every day, especially as we spend most of the time in between planning for the next one. If you are a busy working wife and mother, as so many are these days, then a few hints and tips on Christmas decorating might help.

Even if you don’t plan on painting the living room and regrouting the tiles in the bathroom, you still want to add a few touches. Nobody wants their home to look too benighted when the Christmas lights and decorations are taken down – and you haven’t even put them up yet! One of the most difficult lessons to learn when you start managing Christmas for your own family is not to leave everything till the last minute.

Purchase Presents throughout the Year

Don’t leave the buying and wrapping of presents until Christmas is upon you. Check out what those closest to you want and pick up whatever you can at sales and clearances throughout the year. The best way to avoid being up at least half the night on Christmas Eve, is to make sure that all your presents are properly wrapped and labelled before Christmas.

Regular Shopping

Other than the turkey, gammon and other fresh foods, try to have all your groceries and special Christmas treats delivered to your door. Most large supermarkets now offer to deliver virtually everything that they stock when you place an online order. Buy cake and pudding ingredients at the start of November, which gives you time to make them and let them mature in time for Christmas.

Get your windows cleaned and your curtains washed, if you have some extra money then why not consider replacing your existing curtains with something like classic roller blinds in a warm shade. If you haven’t done so already, this is also the time to purchase Christmas cards and get those off in the post early in December. Check your Christmas lights and replace any dud bulbs.

Ready, Steady, Go

If you can, get a male member of the family to help you get the windows clean. Wash the curtains and put them away and put up made to measure Roman blinds in a warm shade and get some contrasting cushion covers. Once the house is clean and tidy, the food bought, cards sent and presents wrapped, it’s time to think about garlands and Christmas trees.

Kids generally enjoy blowing up balloons if they have enough puff, and helping to make the garlands. You might also want to let older children help to decorate the Christmas tree the day before Christmas Eve. When it comes to the cards you have received, you may want to think about putting them on string and placing lines of cards around the walls.

Make sure the spare room is clean and aired in case people can’t go back straight away because of the weather or train cancellations. Once you’ve dealt with all this, with a little help from your family and friends it’s time to get the turkey on and change the water on the vegetables that were pealed the night before.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Moonshadow Blinds, the home of made to measure Roman blinds. Crispin loves Chrismas and ejoys sharing seasonal tips.