cottage instincts: Mr. Burlap Snowman

Mr. Burlap Snowman

I seriously needed a break from doing wedding stuff,
and decided to get some Christmas crafting done for Amy's shop.
After digging thru my stash, I came up with 3 graduated wreath forms, 3 colors of burlap and some hot glue.
They became Mr. Burlap Snowman.

I just cut strips of the cream burlap and wrapped it around each form,
then used a couple more strips to connect them to each other with some handy dandy hot glue.

Cut a couple strips of the natural burlap to make a scarf and then a strip down the front for the dark brown burlap button rosettes.

More info about this fantastic decor here by Cindy
cottage instincts: Mr. Burlap Snowman