Digital Printing – The Flexible Solution

Digital Printing – The Flexible Solution

Digital printing has changed the landscape of the printing industry. In the traditional offset printing industry, the number of color combinations that can be tried out is limited to 4 basic colors. But in digital printing, there is an endless possibility of color combinations that can be achieved.

It’s not only the color combinations, but also the clarity and sharpness of the printed images. In online printing, one can obtain sharper and crisper images compared to the images obtained in offset printing. The companies really want to create attractive images in the form of logos and captions as a part of the branding activities. The output provided by digital printing satisfies all the requirements of a modern company eager to take forward their brand image.

Digital Printing

Digital printing has been increasingly used by companies to print the company’s brochure, flyers and marketing material. One of the great advantages of digital printing is that it has the capability to print thousands and thousands of print-outs in a matter of a few minutes. This could have taken at least a day to be completed, when done with traditional off-set printing technology.

Another great advantage of the digital printing process is the ability to review the final layout without the need for taking a sample print out. The print review option available in the computer system will help the users to have a look at the current print layout and the formatting features of the image to be printed. Additionally the image editing software will help the customer in editing the image by adding more saturation effects, shimmering effects, shadow effects, vibration effects and many such special effects. This is not possible in normal offset printing process. This has been made possible because the digital printing and the image editing software are run on the same computer system. One cannot add these special effects in a traditional offset printing process.

In order to arrive at a good design, one has to take many sample proof-printing copies in a traditional offset printing. This consumes a lot of resources such as the printing paper and the printing ink. But in the case of the digital printing, with a view of the soft copy of the print design in the form of print previews, customers get to save a lot of paper and the printing ink. With both small and big organizations providing more emphasis on going green and consuming lesser number of papers, digital printing is a good bet for the current business environment.

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