Discover Inspirational Street Art of Berlin

Berlin is a city which sees the number of visitors increase each year. The food, entertainment and culture draw a steady crowd. Not only is Berlin beautiful architecturally but a relatively new trend has swept the city in recent years, enhancing this beauty further. This trend is street art. This phenomenon is sweeping European cities making the city walls individual works of art. Whether it’s the canvas of what’s left of the Berlin Wall which makes up the East Side Gallery or a hidden corner of the Mitte District, street art is there to discover, and it’s actually very good.
If you’re a person who enjoys art this is a definite must see and even if you are not a connoisseur this unconventional art form will keep you amazed. One issue with street art is it can be difficult to locate the must see pieces especially since it is generally created at random locations around Berlin. Much of this art is done illegally and some is even removed which is a real shame. However Berlin officials have not failed to notice the potential here and have begun commissioning pieces. Don’t worry however, as a group of enterprising people has set up “Berlin Alternative Tours”. These tours are highly informative and fun and the guides really know their stuff!
The street art itself is not just paintings, but stickers, sculptures and whole area transformations. The Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts in Berlin really encapsulate this new movement with much of Berlin’s street art concentrated in these areas. For those of you familiar with the street art scene you will know that Berlin has become the European hub for this art form. World famous artists such as Bansky, Blu and El Bocho frequent the city regularly to add more of their art to its walls. Each of these artists have attained fame for their skills as urban artists. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie adore this art and have commissioned several pieces from the English artist Bansky.
Also, its worth mentioning that if you are going to Berlin as a group or as part of a corporate outing contact ‘GoArt!’. This group organizes specially designed group tours. It’s really worth it if travelling as part of a group. So if you’re looking for something a bit different to do in Berlin, try seeking out the street art yourself or get in contact with Alternative Tours of Berlin for something really special
. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.
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