3 Steps to Friending Someone That has Rejected Your Friend Request


This might sound a little creepy, but you know when you have been intensly researching someone on Facebook? You finally found them, but their profile is limited―and they won't add you as a friend. Sure, you can move on with your life and get over it―or you can do 3 easy things to ensure that you can look at their profile. It may take a little bit of time, but the satisfaction of finally viewing someone else's page just might outweigh that.

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1. Clone an account. Sounds a little bit creepy? It kind of is. But if you are desperate to look at someone's profile―you do what you have to do. Just make sure that you have already tried to send a friend request from your account. If you can see their friends (for most accounts you can) create a page that resembles someone that the person knows. This can be anyone from someone that they work with to a family member. Sometimes you can play it off and say that they accidentally deleted you. Make sure that you make the profile as believable as you can.

2. Send the friendship request. Make sure that you send requests to friends of friends as well. It makes sure if the person that you are trying to be friends with does a little stalking of their own, your page will seem legitimate.

3. Friend direct friends of the person that you cloned. To make this more fully believable, you will need to friend the friends that the “cloned” user would have.

Did I mention how creepy this is? If you are desperate to stalk them, you might have some other issues that you will need to work out. If you don't want to create a profile, ask a friend that is friends with the person you are trying to stalk―they will usually show you their friend's page. It goes to mention that if you actually follow these three steps, you are actually breaking a lot of Facebook policies. It might not be worth it to do this.

Better yet, why don't you try to get to know the person that you are stalking personally? Sometimes it may seem just some harmless stalking, but to the other person, it may seem a little to real and scary. Most of the time, people don't want to end up being creepers, they just find enjoyment out of seeing what other people post on their walls.

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