5 Things Your Back Yard Needs for Great Entertaining

Your back yard can be a haven for you and your family. It’s a great place to enjoy outdoor activities in a private, personal space. Your kids can run around and wrestle with the dog in a safe environment, or you can sit back in the grass with your favorite book and enjoy the rays of the sun.

Your back yard is also an outdoor entertainment center, and when the weather is warm (lucky for us, this occurs much of the year), you can host guests for a backyard barbecue or dinner party. Here are five things your back yard might need for a great entertaining experience.

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1. A Pool and/or Spa

In the back yard, nothing is really as welcome as a pool and spa combination. Southern California pool builders have some of the greatest designs, though pool and spa installation might cost you a bit of money, but it will increase the value of your home tenfold, especially in the Southern California climate where it will be sure to receive good use.

A pool and spa make for great investments not only regarding real estate, but also for time well spent. Pool parties are great for those warm summer days, but the spa can be used year-round for warmth and relaxation.

2. Lighting

You will probably be hosting guests well into the night, but entertaining guests is no fun when you can barely see them. Lighting can help in that department while also setting the tone and atmosphere for your backyard as a whole.

Outdoor light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. You may want to consider lights that run on solar energy, a cheap solution for the average So-Cal homeowner, with all the sunlight we get. The alternative is a low-voltage lighting system, which can be done quite simply without needing to hire an electrician.

3. Barbecue Grill

The hallmark of any backyard get-together is the barbecue, making the grill a vital piece of equipment for backyard entertaining. There are three types of grills: charcoal, gas, and electric. Although charcoal grills might seem a little dated, they add a distinct flavor to the food. However, clean up and maintenance can be a bit of a mess. Gas grills dominate the market, but natural gas grills leave you immobile while propane tanks require regular refueling. Electric grills are a recent development, but as effective as they are, they can be a bit pricey. Since this decision clearly rests on a number of unique factors, make a pros and cons list to help you make the choice.

4. Comfortable Seating

You can’t expect your guests to stand around all evening, so it’s nice to provide a variety of seating options. A picnic table or a classic wicker patio set can make for a great centerpiece. Built-in seating or seat walls can supplement any backyard furniture without making your yard look too cluttered. Remember to add shading elements (umbrellas, awnings, or foliage) to keep guests out of direct sunlight.

5. Repellent

Some guests to the party are unwelcome. Insects can be a bother at any outdoor gathering, so make sure to buy smoking coils, burn citrus candles, or use any other insect repellents you might have around.

Now all that’s left is to invite your friends and enjoy your space!


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