Fashion for Winter 2012

Wintertime is nearly upon us. For anyone who lives in the northern half of the United States, this means snow storms, below freezing winds, and temperatures that are far below human comfort level. If you want to stay warm this winter, here are the styles that will not only do the job, but make you look fashionable:

  1. Colors. This winter season, dark browns and blacks are making a comeback (even though they are usually never out of fashion anyway). If this seems a bit dreary for you, there are some brilliant colors that are making the runways this winter, like oranges, pale pinks, rust, sage green, dark violet, and navy. 
  2. Prints. As far as prints go, plaid is hitting the fashion scene hard. Wool coats with a plaid print are all the rage, and have been now for several seasons. If you want to try going for a lighter look, try some brightly colored floral prints. They will help you feel like spring is just around the corner and liven up the dreariness of a winter day. 

  1. Work attire. The elegant black pantsuit combo, which is classy all year round, is becoming even more common this winter. Pair it with white or light colored shirts. Wear a sleek trench coat (discussed below), to make your work attire appear even more fashionable. 
  2. Casual attire. Chunky sweaters are in this year. This makes people who get especially chilled during the winter months happy. A good length for the chunky sweater is to hang down to at least the upper thigh. Stick with plain colors, but wear it with a hat to add more dynamics to the outfit as a whole. 
  3. Semi-dressy. The 1940s style is back this winter, and the fashion world is fully embracing it. The elegant look of pencil skirts and just-below-the-knee length dresses are all the rage. Wear them in darker colors for the ultimate winter look. If you want to try something a little more eye-catching, get something with frills or pleats. 

  1. Cold-weather attire. Since most people will be spending wintertime wearing coats, hats, and gloves, this should be one of your main fashion focuses when revamping your winter wardrobe. Long, wool trench-coats are in and can give you an elegant, slender look. You can also try a cropped trench coat if you prefer the slightly shorter look. Coats made of fur, or trimmed with it, are still going strong.  Stick with solid colors or simple prints to make your coat seem even more chic. 
  2. Boots. Heeled boots are in this winter. Leather, healed boots with laces and a soft point to the toe are all the rage. Pair them with almost any outfit to give you a feminine and delicate look. Suede boots and fur lined boots are also continuing their popularity this season.

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