How To Be Generous Yet Thrifty This Christmas Season

Christmas is right around the corner. You might be thinking really, really hard on what presents to give your loved ones with your really, really tight budget. In times like these, you have to be resourceful and creative at the same time. And remember, the line “Its the thought that counts” is still acceptable most often than not.

So what can you give your loved ones that would not cost you a hefty amount of money? Well, here are some useful and thoughtful Christmas gifts you can give your loved ones.

One of the most thoughtful things you can do is cook. Look up on the internet some creative recipes which your loved ones will surely love. List everything that you will need. Do the groceries yourself. Stick to your list, and to your budget. This will certainly make your loved ones happy on Christmas day.


Christmas Gift Idea Gift Certificate Last minute shopping 40 dollars posters prints wall decor

Christmas Gift Idea Gift Certificate Last minute shopping 40 dollars posters prints wall decor


If you are not sure what your loved ones would really want to receive on Christmas, why not let them choose? Gift certificates from malls, department stores, spas and salons are convenient and it’s a smart gift to give. Not only will your loved ones have the chance to choose whatever they would want to buy or service to avail, but it will also give you an assurance that your loved ones will definitely love their choice and your gift.

You can also try your creativity and artistic skills. Give a Do-It-Yourself present to your special someone. This never fails to be the most touching gift ever. It always gives a hint of thoughtfulness and effort. Make your gift personalized to make the person you are giving it to feel special and loved. Give a scrapbook of all your memories together, or maybe a personalized greeting card together with a painting or drawing you made especially for him or her.

Gifts that are not just practical, but also useful and helpful could also be on your list. You could use discount coupons as giveaways to your relatives who are spending too much on their medications. Say for example, you have a relative who’s taking medicines to lower his cholesterol. There is this website that talks About Lipitor Coupons. You could avail the coupons that they are offering there and you could, in turn, give these as Christmas presents to your relative.

These are just a few of the thousands gifts you can give to your loved ones this Yuletide season. It’s the season of giving, and giving something is much more important than receiving something. Let’s be jolly and generous this Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! J

Sarah Thiebaud is a freelance and journalist for Cialis Coupons and Lipitor Coupons, where consumers can save money while maintaining their healthy lifestyles.