Jobs With the Most Fashionable Uniforms

There are lots of employers whose uniforms are so ugly their employees cringe getting dressed every morning. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few of the jobs with the most fashionable uniforms.

Spa Uniforms
Spa employees have the luxury of wearing a more relaxed style of uniform but still retaining flow and form of a designer outfit. Spa uniforms need to leave the wearer a full range of movement and provide an air of unity throughout the spa. Spas are elegant, exclusive retreats and so employees have a unique opportunity to tailor their work clothes to the environment. The colors are something that can really be creative in spa uniforms. Depending on the décor of the spa, anything is possible. Think health professional…with a twist.

Flight Crew Uniforms
The crew of an airplane has many jobs. Flight attendants in particular have a variety of responsibilities on the plane. A uniforms designer would have his work cut out for him with any project for flight attendant wear. They serve food as well as provide information, assistance and comfort. The uniforms must accommodate the work they do as well as the long hours they are working and wearing the uniforms. The must be practical but also comfortable and breathable. The fabric must be able to stay sharp and crisp during hours of wear. Not an easy task. Dealing with the public is a major part of the flight attendants job. Therefore they must look presentable, approachable and warm. Colors, style and design are all taken into consideration.

Corporate Uniforms
Working in any corporate facility will bring with it the benefit of a fashionable uniform. Housekeeping jobs in a corporate environment can be anything from that cute black and white maid uniform we all love so well to smart tunics and trousers in a variety of easy to wash fabrics and aesthetically designed styles. Food and beverage workers in the corporate workplace have been seen more and more in the Mandarin style jacket and crisp matching trousers. Corporate uniform designer skills are really put to task with food service workers uniforms. The fabric must be extra durable without losing anything aesthetically and the colors must give the right effect to the clientele.


Heath Care Uniforms
Nursing scrubs take the prize for most comfortable uniforms ever. Imagine going to work every day in your pajamas. They are comfortable and easy to take care of and these days more fashionable than ever. Heath care uniforms are available in everything from plain white to animal prints, cartoon characters and holiday themed prints. If it’s part of popular culture you can find it on your scrubs.

There are many jobs with fashionable uniforms in today’s workplace. Gone are the days when your uniform had to be drab, uncomfortable or frumpy. Having a uniform that is tailored specifically to the job is imperative to high performance. Being comfortable and self confident on the job comes from being comfortable and self confident in the uniform.

Julie, fashion victim and uniform designer from London.