Things to Do in Madrid with children

If you are going on holidays and have no idea where to go with your children, I strongly recommend you consider Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is a cosmopolitan city with lots of green areas, such as parks and gardens. And a cultural city with all kinds of museums and performances all year long. There are so many things to do and places to go with your children, that you're not going to know where to start. Shall I show you my favorite places?

Go into the wild!!!
Faunia is much more than a zoo. Get into this biological park and learn a lot about the fauna and the flora while having fun. Visit the world's richest ecosystems, habitats and natural surroundings and get closer to more than 4,000 animals, different plants and tree species. Get into the Amazon jungle, the Polar ecosystem and the aviary. What is more, your children are going to love working in the farm with little chicken and rabbits, and even cute baby kangaroos! And what to say about the section on Dinosaurs! Your kids will get crazy with such gigantic extinguished creatures that look as if they were alive.
Get on the rides!
The amusement park Madrid is located in the Casa de Campo. It is the biggest in Spain with 48 different rides! Go on the most exciting roller coasters, the funniest water rides or the mini-rides for the youngest ones. Also, have a meal or some snacks in the terrace of the restaurants and bars on the main avenue. Go into nature while walking through the fauna and flora around the park and... pay a visit to Hannibal Lecter and other frightening people in the Old Manor. Your children are going to have a very exciting time, and so are you!

That's all folks!
No, no! The article has not finished yet! Who said this famous quote? Yes! That's right! Bugs Bunny and the Warner Bros family are waiting for you and your children in the Warner Bros Park, just 25km away from Madrid. Feel like a Hollywood star in Hollywood boulevard, have a coffee with Bugs Bunny in the Cartoon Village, fight a duel to the death in the Old West Territory, fly with Superman in the DC Super Heroes World and visit the Warner Bros Studios!!! There is no doubt that you are going to have a wonderful time in Warner Bros park and your children will never forget it.
Chocolate con churros!
Do your children like chocolate? And what about you? You cannot leave Madrid without having tasted the traditional, delicious chocolate con churros. Go to any café or bar in Madrid and ask for chocolate con churros or porras. You will be served a cup of awesome hot chocolate and a plate with strips of fried doughs to dip into it. So, dip one of them into the chocolate, taste it and feel one of the best pleasures to your palate. Eating chocolate con churros is an excellent way to start your day or gain strength again after a long day walking in the streets of Madrid.
I hope my ideas on things to do in Madrid with children will help you! Just one last recommendation, book a Madrid apartment in the city center. You will find apartments in Madrid with games for children as well as big balconies, terraces and swimming pool where your kids will make most of their time while you relax or cook your meals.