Top 5 Breeds for Families with Older Children

There is a special bond that happens between a child and their dog. They become there for each other in times of play, in times of sadness and grow up teaching each other responsibility, compassion and friendship. The deep love a child has for their dog is a joy that can be shared for years to come, but because of the instant attachment from the child you want to make sure you pick out the right type of dog for your family and child before they decide they can’t live without the first one they pick up. If you have older children and want to give them the blessing of having and raising a dog, we’ve picked out five of the top dog breeds that will fit in great with a family like yours.

Boxer: The Boxer is an excellent choice for a family, as they are known for getting along with children. This energetic puppy loves to play, and is easy to train with its high intelligence. This breed of dog bonds extremely well with its owners and will be very loyal and protective, as well as very eager to please.  This playful pup will love to run and clown around with your children — as one of the more people-dependent breeds the boxer will always be in tow.

English Cocker Spaniel:The English Cocker Spaniel is a very friendly breed with a welcoming personality — they love everyone. The outgoing and gentle spirit of this dog is a great match for families with children, as long as they don’t tease the dog. This breed is intelligent and very obedient with their owners, making the English Cocker Spaniel a great companion dog.

Coonhounds: If your family is outdoorsy and loves hunting the Coonhound is a perfect match. This friendly and smart dog is a natural hunter and great guard dog. Coonhounds are friendly, but reserved with strangers and do not do well with teasing or rough housing. They do best with older children. This dog is a people pleaser and extremely energetic. If you are gone often, this may not be the best breed for you as they do not like being alone and will tend to howl. If you have your heart set on a Coonhound, you may want to invest in a bark collar to help train the dog. 

Dalmatians: At one point in time, your child has probably wanted a Dalmatian — especially if they were or are into firefighters. Dalmatians are wonderful with children, but due to they hyper personality they are much better suited for older children. This breed is a wonderful companion and loves to play. They will need a lot of exercise daily, so if you are an active family or have active children, the Dalmatian can definitely keep up. This breed is also very dependent on human companionship, and needs a lot of interaction to stay happy. Dalmatians can be a lot of work to begin with, but will follow a strong owner and grow into a great defender and watchdog.

Australian Shepherd: The Australian Shepherd is another great dog for families with older children. This breed is loyal and affectionate and very active. They are very suspicious of people they don’t know, making them a great protective dog that is easily trained. The energy level of the Australian Shepherd is high and is maintained throughout adulthood, they are always willing to play. They require a lot of exercise, but will be a devoted, lovable, watchdog for the family.

Guest Post By: Dr. Susan Wright DMV. Dr. Wright is practicing veterinarian for over 10 years and is the staff expert on dog bark collars for Dog Fence DIY