Your 2012 Home Remodelling Diary


Who has time for remodelling and redecorating these days? Taking on the redesign of an entire home is a challenging proposition, but if you break it down into small tasks, and do one room, or one area, per month, then it becomes easier to stay on track. Why not make it your new year’s resolution to have a gorgeous new home by the end of 2012?


Make January the month of spring cleaning. Yes, technically, January falls in the winter, but it’s a month when most people are at their most motivated. So why not use that enthusiasm to get ruthless and throw out some clutter from each room in the house.Next, invest in a nice cork board for the kitchen, which you can use to pin up important reminders, and keep yourself organized throughout the year.


Now that the social season has calmed down, and you don’t have to worry about Christmas and New Year meals and entertaining, why not make a start on the kitchen. Clean out your cupboards, defrost the freezer, and throw away any out of code produce hiding at the back of the fridge. Once your kitchen is cleaned out, you can consider re-organizing things. If you’re on a budget, consider painting and resurfacing your existing counters and cupboards, rather than entirely replacing them.


The weather should be getting better now, so it’s time to look at the garden. Mow the lawn, do some weeding, and start planting some hardy flowers. If the weather is nice enough, consider re-painting your fence, and treating any outdoor furniture. If it’s still too wet, leave the outdoors for another month or two.


Now is a good time to head to the bathroom. Start with repainting and resurfacing the floor. Once that’s done, clean your tiles, repair your bath (if it’s seriously scratched or damaged consider bath resurfacing – it can be done in a day and will make your bath look as good as new). The bathroom is one of the easier rooms to redecorate, so take a weekend over it, and relax for the rest of the month!


Turn your attention to the living room. If you’re planning on a full redecorating session, then you have your work cut out for you. If you’re on a budget (financially, or time-wise), then you can make some dramatic changes just by re-doing the wallpaper, and changing your curtains. Also, consider getting your sofa re-covered for a low cost, but dramatic, change.


Turn your attention to the garden again – put out your summer furniture, and give your garden some TLC.


Now is a great time to head outside and re-paint the house, clean your window frames, inspect your roof, and do all the other things you normally put off until the weather turns bad. You’ll be glad you spent the time cleaning your gutters when the weather turns bad.


It’s school holiday season! Enjoy a month off. If you have children, put them to work tidying their own rooms!


Re-organize your closet, turn your mattress (if necessary), and freshen up your own bedroom. The bedroom tends to accumulate a lot of clutter, so put some extra time into cleaning it out. Treat yourself to some new, super-plump pillows.


Service your heating ready for the winter, and give your plumbing a quick look over, even if you already did so when you repaired your bath. Blocked pipes and freezing weather don’t go well together.


You’re probably planning Christmas decorations by now. If you succeeded in your de-cluttering campaign, putting up a tree should be nice and easy.


Relax and enjoy Christmas.

This post was written by James Harper for Hometech who provide repairs for your bath including bath resurfacing. James has just finished work on his house and is currently looking for a new project.