Living through a Home Remodel


At home, there is an innate sense of comfort and security, as though nothing bad can happen to you when you’re there. But the home is mutable; homeowners often find themselves wanting to remodel their living spaces to add color or change the overall atmosphere, along with any necessary repairs or maintenance. Scripps Ranch home remodeling, for instance, has become more common. Homeowners want to make their home unique while keeping up with new trends—in ways that will remain timeless.
But trying to go about your normal activities while your Del Cerro home remodeling project is underway can be a bit difficult. No matter how much you try to contain the construction zone, it’s bound to disturb the rest of the home. Some people might consider staying at a hotel or renting a temporary room, but others are limited by budget constraints and choose to stay at home while the construction is going on. Here are a few tips to survive at home during a remodel.
Staying Organized
The problem with a Poway home remodeling project is that it’s a lot like moving without actually relocating to another home. Boxes still have to be packed. The area being remodeled needs to be cleared of all items.

As with a normal move, it’s important to stay organized. This is easier said than done but it will make living with the clutter a little better for you and your family. Consider if there are any items you need from those boxes and make them easy to reach. Figure out a way to organize items for easier unpacking once the job is finished. Depending on the size of the remodel, you might end up with more boxes and objects than you might have initially expected, so be ready for floor to ceiling stacks of boxes—but remember it’s only temporary.
Safety First
When living in your home during a major remodel, safety should be a priority, especially if you have children under your roof.
Make sure your home is as clean as possible, taking care to spot any nails or dangerous tools on the floor. Most contractors should be good about keeping the job site clean, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. If possible, set an area around the job site that the young ones are not allowed to cross. If worse comes to worst, take a day off to go to the park.
While surviving through a major renovation isn’t easy, it’s still very doable. Once the job is finished, it will all have been worth it.