Propose on Your Next California Getaway


She looks into your eyes. You study her face, trying to summon the courage. She glances down at the smile spreading across your face. Her eyes grow wider, and her mouth parts slightly. You can almost feel her heart beating two feet away, and she can likewise feel yours.

She knows what’s coming.

From one knee, you ask her, she says…Yes, of course! You embrace strongly before the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, the vineyards of Napa Valley, the monstrous Sequoias of Kings Canyon National Park, or the craggy coast along Highway 101—wherever the perfect moment strikes.

It’s picturesque, existential, eternal, and unforgettable. A true Kodak moment—and it’s the memory you’ll associate with the instant you promised to lead one life.

What a great idea you had, taking a road trip through America’s most scenic and diverse state—California. Ever since you stopped into that San Diego engagement ring store, you knew the trip would be perfect. It’s not every day you find a jewelry store in San Diego that has exactly what you wanted. But hey, it happened. And you’ll probably come back for that San Diego wedding ring. And the honeymoon, too. Why not? The city is forever tied to you both.

She’ll ask later how you decided on California. You’ll say you had doubts about it, as anyone would. But then you saw the eternal blue sky, the rolling green hills, the sandy mountain peaks, and the aggressive crashing waves—all of it that makes California, California. And you just knew.

You’ll explain where you bought the ring, and how it was love at first sight. You found it in San Diego, you’ll say, at the very beginning of the road trip. It’s fitting too, because it was around the beginning of your relationship that you knew you’d be asking her that question one day.

So as you hike around California’s scenic country, swim in the warmest waters you’ve ever felt, and even laugh at the sea lions perched along Highway 101 near the Hearst Mansion on the coast, you feel that ring on her finger while you hold hands.

Even when she naps, she smiles. When you taste classic Cali wines, she smiles. When you ski down wild snowy slopes, she smiles. Actually, she smiles so wide that you wonder if it’s you or the ring she’s smiling about.

(Ahem, it’s both.)