The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Innovations in the Auto Industry

Green is the new black, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the automobile industry. Hybrid cars are making way for electric cars, and auto manufacturers are looking for ways to further reduce their impact. But what innovations are behind making vehicles eco-friendly? Here are five of the top green auto innovations.

1. Alternative Fuel Sources
The number one auto technology that is making a positive environmental impact is the introduction of new alternative fuels. Hydrogen fuel is one of the most promising alternative fuel sources because instead of harmful gases, cars powered by hydrogen cells only emit water vapor. A number of other alternative fuel sources are also being explored including vegetable oil, bioalcohol and even sawdust.
2. Blade Tailpipe Attachment
For those who still drive a fuel-powered car, a new product called Blade may be the answer to making traditional gasoline-powered vehicles more environmentally friendly. Blade attaches to a car's existing tailpipe and serves as a filter to break down and decrease pollution. The product's designers claim that it can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 12%, and improve fuel efficiency. At $199, it's a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a new car.

3. Bioplastics as Building Materials
Automobiles are comprised of about 250 pounds of petroleum-based plastic, and most of that will end up in a landfill. Fortunately, a new breed of plastics is being developed that could reduce this waste. Plant-based bioplastics are expected to disintegrate more rapidly than current plastics. Automobile companies are taking interest in this innovation and the possibility of replacing current plastics with environmentally friendly bioplastics.
4. Plugless Power Wireless Electric Car Charger
Although this invention doesn't directly impact eco-friendly auto technology, it could make electric cars more attractive to average consumers. Electric and hybrid car owners can place the Plugless Power pad in their garage and simply park their car over it. Product developers claim the Plugless Power gives a nearly identical charge in a comparable amount of time as a traditional wired charger. Because it's portable, potential electric car buyers need not worry about finding a charge station.
5. OZOcar
Touted as the first environmentally conscious, low-emissions executive car service, this innovative business is promoting environmentally friendly cars to more than just the average tree-hugger stereotype. With a full fleet of hybrid and electric cars, OZOcar is proving that green can be luxurious. Hopefully, it will set an example for other companies in the future.

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