What To Do About Your Wrinkles

Do you like your wrinkles? Sure, they may add a little character to your face, but most of us would prefer to keep them barely noticeable. In our quest for eternal youth, we struggle daily with a plethora of skincare products to help keep our skin as smooth and youthful as possible. Unfortunately, once a wrinkle appears, it will only get worse unless you take drastic action against it. Don’t let your wrinkles tarnish your complexion.

Try a 15 minute treatment to smooth away lines and creases. BOTOX is the wrinkle treatment of choice for millions of men and women around the world, plus celebrities like Simon Cowell, Kim Kardashian and Virginia Madsen (plus many more who’ll probably never admit to it). Few celebrities are brave enough to reveal their beauty secret, and those who do often say they’ve done it before but aren’t doing it anymore. Case in point: singer Kylie Minogue and ex-supermodel Cindy Crawford. Is BOTOX a Poison? Yes, BOTOX is a poison, but it’s been used for over a decade as a treatment for a number of serious health conditions.

From spasticity, migraines, eye disorders and incontinence, BOTOX has treated thousands of people safely and successfully, so why not wrinkles? The poison in question is botulinum toxin, a substance that has paralytic effects on the muscles. By injecting BOTOX into the muscle, the muscle relaxes and the skin overlying it also relaxes, thereby smoothing away the offending wrinkle. As a result, the treatment can only target dynamic wrinkles (those created by repeated muscular contractions) on the face.

It has become so popular that it’s a household name – honestly, who hasn’t heard of BOTOX? If you’re thinking about getting BOTOX’ed, make sure the medical provider you choose is licensed to administer the injections, and has plenty of experience and the right credentials. You should also make sure that the product offered is the real deal. Because of its popularity, there are many, many fakes out there.

Though they may be cheaper, fakes aren’t as strictly regulated and can be seriously damaging to your health. How Much Will It Cost? You should expect to pay hundreds of dollars for your treatment. The price depends on the severity of your wrinkle and the number of areas you’d like to target. Most clinics base their price depending on how many units of BOTOX product are administered. Others rely on the targeted area. Make sure you find out how the price structure is before you proceed with treatment. This can be easily done during your consultation with a medical professional, which is required to determine whether BOTOX is suitable for you and can achieve the results you want.