Women and the Dichotomy of Success and Power

One of the challenges of being a woman in the modern age is dealing with the pros and cons of ambition, power and success. Traditionally a woman’s worth was based solely on her ability to manage a household and to bare and raise children. Today this is not the case, although to a large degree these traditional expectations still play a role in how a woman is valued by society. What is challenging about being a modern woman is that in addition to traditional expectations the modern woman is also expected to have a career and to make some contribution to society outside of the home. To make things even more challenging, women are given a guilt trip if they are successful at meeting any of these expectations.

Success, the Double Edged Sword

Success as a mother, success as a wife, or success as a business professional? Which one is the most important to achieve? This is a question that most women ask themselves as they mature. It seems that no matter which one you select or which ones you achieve, there is always someone behind you questioning your priorities. If you are a good mother then they question you about if you are fulfilled by being “just” a mother, while if you are a good businesswomen then you are questioned about if you are neglecting your family responsibilities.

Let me say that there is no such thing as being “just” a mother or “just” a business woman. Women are dynamic, multifaceted individuals that contribute more to this world than can be expressed in words. We are expected to do the work that men do not want to do, to sacrifice our bodies and sanity in many cases, to bare and raise children and to keep society morally and ethically rooted. In addition to all of these things, many women also bring money into the home, volunteer with charitable organizations and contribute to their professional industries.

Being “Just” a Woman

Being “just” a woman may sound like an insult, but after you think about what it means to be a woman it needs to be viewed as a compliment. Changing your view of what it means to be a woman in the modern age will improve your ability to deal with the challenges associated with our sex. We are powerful, soulful, courageous, strong, durable, compassionate changers of the world, and each of us needs to be proud of being “just” a woman.

"Participating in Science Fairs give young women the opportunity to be empowered because they are able to compete in any science category of their interest or choice and be proud of their accomplishments. On this platform they are equal contenders, whether it be mathematics, engineering, alternative energy or astronomy." Madeline Binder, author, teacher and mentor.