The Art of Tarot Card Reading

Are you are searching for a way to discover answers about life, love and happiness? Are you unsure of your relationship or your future? A Tarot reading may help you to find the purpose and fulfillment that you seek. Some readers use astrology as well as clairvoyant acuity to create insight and find answers. Here you'll find information as to how a tarot card reading works.

What are tarot cards?
Originating in Italy, the Tarot are a set of cards that have been around for over 500 years. A deck is made up of seventy-eight cards. The two parts of the Tarot are the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are twenty-two pictures cards that portray meanings of different concepts, ideas and basic truths. They depict major events or areas of life and long-term energies. The Minor Arcana are fifty-six cards in four different suits. Each wand, sword, cup or pentacle suit has ten cards and also includes the four court cards: the King, Queen, Knight and Page. They represent the more applicable daily life.
Both Arcana can be put into a spread to allow the readers, commonly psychics, to answer questions and assist with the client's purpose.

What is a spread?
After creating a relaxing atmosphere, the reader will ask the client to focus on their specific question while shuffling and cutting the decks. The spread is simply the way or the pattern in which the tarot cards are arranged on the table. There are many ways to arrange the spread using various numbers of cards. The three card spread uses three card lain from left to right. They represent past, present and future. The five card spread uses five cards lain in an arc from left to right. These cards represent the client's present position, their desires, the unexpected, their immediate future and the outcome. One of the most common spreads is the Celtic Cross. It uses ten cards, six of which form a cross and four that form a line beside it. Each position has a meaning, just as every card has a meaning.

What do the different cards mean?
During the Tarot reading, cards have varying significance depending on where they fall in the spread. Here are a few of the Major Arcana face cards and their varied meanings:
-The Fool- Often means beginning or faith. Can also be interpreted as taking risks or confronting fears.
-The Magician- Normally points to available talent or tapping into one's full potential. Can mean action or concentration, even power.
-Death- Interpreted as the end of something, maybe a relationship. Can also be a transition.
-The High Priestess- She is said to guard your subconscious. When she is dealt you may need to reflect more on the situation. Can be read as mystery or nonaction.
-The Lovers- Obviously points to a relationship where decisions may need to be made. Also, reflects sexuality and values.
-The Wheel of Fortune- Often means a change in life or destiny. Can mean the end of a problem or a gain of some kind.

How do you read the cards?
Intuition plays a large part in a Tarot reading. The reader has the skill to interpret each card and tell its story. They read the energies of the cards and tell the client how they will be affected.
The client should prepare for the reading by having in mind the questions they want answered and what kind of information they want to receive.

Keep an open mind and regard the Tarot reading as a tool to spiritual reflection.

Jane, psychic from England and tarot reading expert.


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