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In these days of ever-increasing technological change, many things that you would previously have done over the phone or in person can be done online. Almost anything can be done on the internet, from shopping for groceries and paying bills to booking holidays and buying a car. If you didn't have to go to work, you could probably never leave home again.
Dating is no exception to this. There are many online dating sites and they can be a great way to meet people, as long as you are careful and follow a few basic guidelines
With so many available, choosing an online dating site can be tricky. Many sites focus on a particular age range or vocation and this can be a good way of narrowing down the number of sites you look at. The cost of joining varies, with totally free online dating hard to find. Although most sites will let you have a look at some profiles for free, you will usually have to pay a fee before you can contact other site users.
Writing your profile is probably the hardest part of dating online. Getting your personality across well without sounding big headed can be very difficult. Be honest, though, as there is no point in lying about yourself.
You will always be found out in the end. However, there is nothing wrong with keeping a few things quiet - you want to create a good impression so there's no need to confess to your irrational hatred of puppies right away! A bit of mystery is always good too. Mention a few interesting things about yourself without going into too much detail. Leave them wanting to find out more. On the whole, aim for an upbeat tone, be positive and don't be afraid to sell yourself a little.
You will meet lots of people at online dating sites, so be open minded about who you chat to. It can be hard not to judge people on their appearance when that is all the information you have, so give them a chance. However, if anyone is insulting or makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to ignore them and block further messages. Don't get drawn into continuing a conversation if you don't want to. It is also important to stay safe: never give out your address and only reveal your phone number or email address when you have a good idea of what a person is like.

Once you find someone you click with, just stay positive and keep chatting. You'll eventually want to meet them in person. When you do, be sure to stay safe - meet in a public place, tell someone where you are going and arrange a lift home in advance or take your own car. It is very different talking face to face than over the internet, as you have no option of editing what you say. Having a few drinks can help you relax, but don't have so many that your judgement is affected. Remember that being drunk is not an attractive quality!
Online dating can be a great way to meet people in this digital age and the stigma associated with it initially is all but gone. As long as you don't expect to meet your soul mate immediately and treat the experience as a way to meet new people, you will have fun and may well end up finding love online.
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Shirley Jones is a freelance content writer and she writes articles and blogs on top online dating sites and other dating related services.


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