5 Great Websites for Elderly Care Advice

One thing we all have to look forward to is getting old. It’s something that comes naturally to us, but is not necessarily something that we are prepared for.

Thanks to the wonderful internet there is a wealth of information out there that will help everyone from ‘newly old people’, to their children, to learn about what help is out there to make old age as enjoyable as possible.

Here are 5 of the best sites:

Best for General Advice

Ageuk.org.uk (formerly Help the Aged & Age Concern)

Age UK is one of the biggest elderly groups in the UK after Age Concern and Help the Aged joined forces. As an organisation they do a great deal of work to improve the life of the elderly in the UK. The website provides information on everything including: money, travel, health and learning, and is a great source of news related to the elderly or for things that the elderly might particularly be interested in, like car insurance.

Best for Elderly Care Funding


Care Aware offers free advice to anyone looking for information on care funding. The site provides news, a range of useful documents, contacts and information on the care system, legal issues and all the different types of care available. If you need financial help to fit a home lift of some kind for example, this is a good place to start.

Best for Accommodation Advice

Eac.org.uk - Housingcare.org & Firststopcareadvice.org.uk

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel is first and foremost a charity that aims to provide the elderly with the best information possible on their housing needs. They also work hard to encourage businesses, agencies and government policy makers to make good decisions that will help the housing needs of the elderly. EAC also has two other great sites with similar information: Housingcare.org offers housing advice and Firststop.org.uk which is the base for an advice service.

Best for Care Homes


This comprehensive site offers a great deal of information about care homes in the UK. You can search for homes to stay in, to buy and lots of other products or services related to them. It even offers a chance to search for care training courses.

Best for Care & Support


This charity started nearly 60 years ago and has recently merged with another charity to increase its range of services. The site offers visitors access to a wealth of information that will help the elderly and their carers to find the best care and support possible. They campaign, fundraise and of course provide advice and information.

What other sites do you go to for elderly care advice?

Magnus Polly is an elderly care professional. He is currently working on a website for a company that produces domestic lifts; which are lifts design to help the elderly get around their house.