5 Reasons to Get a Facelift

Are you considering a facelift or other type of plastic surgery procedure around the face or neck? Skin naturally sags with age, but a facelift, neck lift, or forehead lift can be performed separately or in conjunction with one another to make sagging skin and wrinkles disappear by tightening the skin.

Many older patients combine a facelift with a nose job for a whole new look, since the nose continues to grow slowly throughout a person’s life and many people in their sixties and seventies feel that their nose has grown too large. A qualified plastic surgeon can provide a consultation to help you decide which type of cosmetic surgery is best for you.

Here are some of the more common reasons people decide to get a facelift or related procedure:

Age: Age and related reasons are by far the most common reason a person opts for a plastic surgery procedure around the face. As people grow older and lose their youthful appearance, they want a chance to set back the clock, and many who are in good health want to look as good as they feel.

Skin Damage: The skin on the face is the one part of the body that’s always exposed, causing it to take a beating over the years from the sun, wind, and even environmental contaminants. We also put far many more skin products on the face and neck than any other part of the body, some of which may actually damage the skin with long-term use. Younger and older patients alike suffer from cosmetic damage to facial skin that they may wish to have removed.

Lose Excess Facial Fat: Sometimes the skin around the face and neck becomes saggy with age, but those with excess body fat may have both sagging skin and fat. Aging patients who are overweight, or younger and older patients who’ve recently lost weight and left sagging skin behind, can easily have the excess skin and fat removed and the skin tightened back on their face and neck.

Boost Self Confidence: Looking good makes a person feel good, giving that person more self confidence and that can help improve all areas of life, including work, social, family, and personal relationships. A facelift can help people feel better about themselves.

Make Your Face Match Your Body: Many people with aging skin are active and in great shape. If your body looks years younger than your face and you feel like your face isn’t keeping up with your body in the looks department, you may greatly benefit from a facelift that matches your youthful body.