8 Tips for a Fun-Filled House Cleaning with the Kids

Do your kids turn a deaf ear every time you tell them it’s time for some household cleaning? Well that’s because no kid loves cleaning. But we have to do what parents ought to do. We push them to get involved in the household chores because it is one of the best ways we can teach them discipline and teamwork. We wake them up and force them to scrub the floor even if they’ll hate us. They will thank us when they become grown-ups anyway. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that hard. You can make your kids get involved without being hard on them. The secret is to make it into a game. Here’s how:

Use Fun Supplies

Turn old socks into animal puppets for wiping tables. Buy tiny, colorful pails instead of the big boring ones you have at home. Not only will this make cleaning more fun, it will also make it easier for them since they won’t be carrying heavy pails. What other cleaning materials can you make more appealing for the little ones?


Upbeat music is a must for household cleaning. Create a playlist of your kids’ favorite songs and they’ll surely be in a good mood for a little scrubbing.

Create Competition

Set up a friendly cleaning competition to get the house clean. Offer small rewards or treats to the winner. You might set a timer to see who can get their room picked-up first. You might also like to give rewards for the ones with the cleanest bathroom, closet, bed, even shoes.

Keep it Short

Fun and excitement fades away if we do something for a very long time. As much as possible, we want cleaning to be good and fast. However, if you do not have reliable cleaning equipment, it will definitely take you more than three hours to clean the whole house. Expect the kids to be grumpy. At the very least, invest in a good carpet cleaning equipment and washing machine.

Create a Sticker Chart

Put a chart on your kitchen where each child earns a sticker for cleaning up his or her toys each day. Give a weekly reward for earning a designated number of stickers. Older kids might have a point system to earn points for cleaning up.

Delegate Creatively

There are many ways to delegate tasks creatively. One great idea is by drawing lots. Write down chores you want to assign in small pieces of paper, rolling them one by one, and putting them in a jar. You let your kids pick one task per day.

Praise Your Kids

Do not forget to praise them for helping you with the chores. Tell them how thankful you are. After an hour of hard work, prepare their favorite snack and let them watch a good movie. It is very important that you make them feel appreciated so they’ll do it over and over again.

Mom Should Have Fun

Yes, the goal is for cleaning to be fun for the kids. But more importantly, it should be fun for you, too. If you’re doing these sweet motherly things out of duty and deep inside you’re not having fun, it would show. Your kids can tell. So bring out that cheerful attitude and don’t be grumpy. If it can’t be helped, then don’t do it. Don’t force it. Maybe it’s time you relax and hire a house cleaner.

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