Blender History

While trying to incorporate the historical importance of the blender may be a trivial thing, it becomes a little more important as you realize that this kitchen appliance may be responsible for a shift culture geared towards weight loss and healthier eating habits. The blender is solely responsible for the popularity of the smoothie which makes eating healthier a fun activity with a bit of flavor "mixed" in.

1922 - Blenders are sold to drug stores and soda shops to make milk shakes for the yound and old

1932 - Poplaswski recieves a patent for a kitchen applicance that will blend foods, fruits and veggies to be speicific, into a liquid form for drinking

1933 - Fred Waring, just a muscian at the time, improves on the design from Poplawski and create a new product they name the Miracle Mixer

1937 - Fred Waring redesigns the blender appliace and releases is own blender called the Waring Blendor. Vitamix gets in the game and decides to use a stainless steel container

1938 - Osius decides to give his product the new name of a Waring Blender after Fred Waring provides financial support

1946 - John Oster buys Stevens Electric and the initial Oseterizer blender is introduced to waiting consumers

The infographic will give you more tips on how to choose the right blender for your home.

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