Clever Signs for Your Bachelor Pad

Traffic Sign I

Traffic Sign I (Photo credit: Reverend Pain)

Perhaps the single greatest time in a young man’s life is the year he spends in his bachelor pad. It’s the one place he can make his own without influence from females whatsoever. Often, the decorative influence comes from ­­­sports—i.e. signed Yankees memorabilia around the TV, a small toy basketball hoop on the door, a few collectors’ Barry Sanders and Larry Byrd jerseys on the walls.

And don’t forget the road signs.

Big, thin, sturdy and versatile, traffic road signs can act as simple wall hangs, a coffee tables, doors; it’s completely up to the bachelor (and what kind of ladies he wants to impress).

A clever guy might send subliminal messages with a pedestrian crossing sign to communicate masculinity and strength. It shows that this very eligible bachelor can handle his business and still see to it that others in his herd get safely out of harm’s way. Too far-fetched? Maybe.

But there are other warning signs that are popular among bachelors, both for their impression on the ladies and other dudes.

Men at Work” is probably the one single sign that sums it all up. Whether referencing the office or the court, the club or the field, men who have it all together truly are at work. And they’ve got the slammin’ apartment to prove it. It signals to ladies that this man is looking for a good time. After all—work hard, play hard.

Road signs, however, are not all ideal. Some signs are major turn-offs.

For example, any hazard signs that warn of biological hazards, contaminants, wide loads, or anything denoting trouble ahead are a major signal that this particular bachelor pad has nothing to offer except danger.

Many bachelors don’t care to be too fancy. Most don’t try to overthink it. Sometimes it’s about the effort you don’t put in more so than the effort you do.

In that case, stick with simplicity.

A classic stop sign is the perfect accoutrement to an interior design that features Spartan walls and open space. This dark red octagon is just imposing enough without being overbearing. Many bachelors choose not to hang it, but instead anchor it flat on top of an older, uglier coffee table. Voila! This kind of creativity show just how independent you can be, and what kind of handyman you are.

Choose carefully what kind of sign you go with for your bachelor pad, it can say a lot about you.