Using Your Photographs to Create Unique Personalized Gifts

Once your wedding is over you’ve likely spent thousands of dollars on professional wedding and engagement photography, on top of all the photos you’ll take on your honeymoon and receive from family and friends. What will you do with all these photos?

Some of them will be put into albums that friends and family will look at when they come over to visit during your first year of marriage. Your favorites will be framed as portraits to hang around your first home together. One of them will be on your first holiday card or on the thank you note that you send to guests. But many of these photos from one of the most important events in your life will never be looked at again.

Using photos to create photo gifts is a creative way to use and display more of the photos from special events in your life. You can use your wedding photos to make gifts for you and your spouse on your anniversaries, as well as for your parents and wedding party members as a way to say thanks for being part of your special day. Need a unique gift idea for any occasion? Photo gifts work great for birthdays and the holidays too.

Custom wedding cake toppers are the perfect way to turn engagement photos into a big surprise when it’s time to cut the wedding cake. Wedding cake toppers are custom designed and hand-painted according to the portraits you submit with your order, so the cake toppers look just like the bride and groom. Your entire wedding party can join you on top of your wedding cake with additional toppers made to look like each friend or family member, including pets.

Even if you missed out on custom cake toppers for your wedding, they make great anniversary gifts on milestone anniversaries when there’s a cake and party planned to help celebrate. Cake toppers on anniversaries are truly a surprise when a special guest has gone out of their way to dig up old wedding photos to turn into anniversary cake toppers years later.

Photo wall plates are an alternative way to display your favorite wedding photos in the home, and they also make great gifts for the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom when the holidays roll around, or just as a way to say thanks for being part of the special day.

Photo serving platters can double as guest books at weddings with food-grade markers specially designed for guests to use to sign the platter at the wedding. Platters can be displayed in the home and used to serve food to the same guests that signed them when the couple entertains.