5 Prom-Perfect Dress Styles


One of the best parts of prom is finding that perfect dress. With so many different designers and styles to choose from, each girl that attends can find the dress that’s made just for her. Some dress styles work better with certain body types than others, and part of the trick is finding prom dresses that are both flattering and comfortable. Here’s an overview of five of the most popular dress styles you’ll see this prom season, with some tips about which body type is right for each.

1. A-line: An A-line dress gives you that classic ball gown look without the extra material. A-lines accentuate the waist and bust while hiding everything below the waist behind the billowing skirt. An A-line has a tight bodice, flaring out from the waist as the gown reaches the floor, in the shape of a capital A. This dress style works well with most body types, but will be especially flattering to girls with pear-shaped bodies. Look for Blush prom dresses, which is one line that has a wide range of A-line and similarly designed ball gowns available.

2. Empire Waist: An empire waist dress has a skirt that begins just below the bust. While this style can be worn by almost anyone, women with an apple shaped body can benefit the most because the style draws attention away from the mid-section. An empire waist gown also makes the body appear naturally more slender and can make a shorter person appear taller because of the extra-long skirt.

3. Sweetheart: Sweetheart is a classic style that applies to only the bust of the dress, and they’re designed to help busty women show off their bust line without showing too much cleavage or popping out of the dress. The style gets its name from the bust line, which creates the shape of a heart out of the dress’s bodice. While these dresses can have straps they are most often strapless, helping to accentuate the bust and shoulders. Alyce Designs prom dresses have a large selection of sweetheart dresses to choose from.

4. Mermaid: Mermaid dresses are all the rage right now, but they do not work well with many body types, particularly apple and pear shaped bodies. Mermaid dresses are skin tight until just below the knees, where they flair out like a mermaid’s fins. Women with slim figures can pull off this dress the best, while those without a lot of curves can create the appearance of a curvy body with this style.

5. Long-short: The long-short dress is a fun style that works well with most body types, unless you want to hide your legs. These dresses come with a tear-away longer top skirt, revealing a shorter skirt underneath. There are a range of long-short styles available, depending on the combination of styles of the two skirts. Many of the short skirts are tighter to accommodate the dress that fits on top. This style of dress is a good choice for anyone who wants the option of two dresses in one, for the dance floor, the after party, or even a different ball.