Beautiful Country Style Homes

country style homes

For many years that warm and inviting look has welcomed owners and visitors alike into beautiful country style homes. Even with the vast selections of various other styles such as the tudor, colonial, cottage, contemporary, modern and even ultra modern, the basic county style home has remained at the top of the favorites list. One of the reasons for this is probably the we really do feel at home in a country style home. It reminds us of who we are and where we came from. This style is beautiful and comfortable, but also has that down to earth feeling of being very practical and solid.

One of the other reasons beautiful country style homes are so popular is that they have that air of beauty and refinement that is blended to well with the functionality of the style. The proportions of a well-designed country home add something more than utilitarianism. The usual warm, rich color choices give a lively but not over-stated personality to the home.

The particular style of the architecture in a country home speaks of the early settlers here that brought with them ideas and influences from the old world, but then added their own unique voice. The materials that were used were the materials that were available. There was nothing pretentious about this early American homes. But there was something proud and substantial about them.

The design of the country homes came about to a degree not just because of the available building materials, but also because of the need to fit well within the chosen home site. More than ever the home itself was an extension of the land, and extension or the family, and extension of the country. The country home is a sensible expression of a need being met with style and beauty.

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As with the architecture of these country homes, the interior designs also lend to that feeling of warmth and welcome. We often see sturdy exposed beams, walls with finishes that are a little more coarse, open fireplaces that burn real wood and even smaller windows. Another aspect of the interior is the decorating accessories that give the home a special feeling for its own local. In the west we might see more of a western or forest mountain theme, in the southwest a desert style, and in the northeast perhaps lighthouses or seashells.

Often we will see one of those beautiful country style homes with a wide front porch that seems to welcome everyone even before they enter the house. Another familiar architectural style of the country home are the second floor dormers that are functional in letting in more natural light and also add an extra dimension of variety and personality.

The country style home has been around for a long time, and shows no sign of diminishing in popularity and appeal. More than any other style of home this one will remain unchanged and wanted.