Make Your Team Shine for Competition Season

When it comes to standing out and gaining that upper edge against the competition, cheer squads can’t rely on their skills alone. Even the best squads need cheerleading uniforms that help them shine, both in competition and when leading crowds at school events. Cheerleading apparel can also make squads stand out and enhance their performances with extras that help a squad score points for originality.

Cheer Uniforms that Stand Out: Creating an original cheer uniform is all about standing apart from the competition. Integrating metallic colors or trim into your uniform and/or pom poms gives your squad a flashy look that will make you stand out from the moment you enter the room.

You can’t change your school colors, but you can accessorize and add extras to your uniform. If your school colors don’t stand out or don’t include a third color, consider making a metallic silver, gold, or bronze tone a complementary part of your uniform’s color scheme. These colors are easy to match to any pre-existing color combination.

Mixing it up can give you the upper edge against the competition, too. Competitive squads utilize several uniforms or costume changes into their routines, which can help show off their range of abilities as a squad. Uniforms are often more appropriate for cheers, while costumes, accessories, and other extras can really enhance a dance routine for competition or the halftime show at a game.

Using Props in Competition:

Don’t forget to find creative new ways to integrate old-fashioned props like the megaphone into your squad’s routine. Squads that don’t project can lose points in competition, so make sure you use megaphones when you need to as a cheer tool, in addition to making them an aesthetic aspect of the performance as well. When megaphones are used as props only in competition, it can reflect poorly on the choreography.

Shoes, body suits, and cheer briefs can be used underneath the base uniform to add color and flash to a uniform as well. Instead of choosing white or black briefs that blend in with your uniform, show off that booty with a solid metallic or bright color, or tye-dye your old white briefs in school colors. The same can be done with full body suits.

Cheer shoes are often forgotten as an accessory. Instead of choosing standard white shoes for your squad, pick shoes that will stand out against the competition and make your squad look unique. Most cheer shoe brands now offer trim in different colors to match your uniform, and some offer custom designs with school colors and logos.