What Kinds of Medical Equipment can be Refurbished?

Although most healthcare providers would prefer to furnish their facilities with brand new medical equipment, the fact is that most will not have the financial means to do so. With the high price of patient-related intervention, it is reassuring to know that quality refurbished machines are available from trusted resources to offer reliable, quality service at affordable savings to those seeking a solution to rising costs.

When looking for refurbished medical devices, make sure you check out several important details noted on the purchasing or lease agreements, including what biomedical repairs have been performed and a technical inspection indicating that the unit operates in premium condition.


Used EKG machines can allow for more than 50 percent in savings to medical professionals when compared to purchasing brand new models. For hospitals forced to cope with extreme budget cuts, buying refurbished equipment can help to save money while continuing to offer the same standard of care.

The best used EKG machines will have passed through testing under strict conditions to ensure they meet the original manufacturer’s specifications and are completely safe and operational. The units should be carefully cleaned and sterilized to meet safety standards as well. Oftentimes, these models will even still be under warranty for added assurance of their operational abilities.


Used electrosurgical units can be guaranteed in quality if you are careful to purchase them from a licensed medical lab equipment dealer. Many licensed dealers with the proper expertise will offer ongoing repair service, including yearly maintenance service, for your unit. Suppliers should also offer to provide necessary spare parts as they are needed. All refurbished equipment available to the public is expected to pass all safety checks as well before being recertified for sale.


Refurbished anesthesia machines are yet another possible choice for healthcare providers. Various insured and recalibrated units can be purchased or leased by physicians as well as veterinarians seeking reliable alternatives to buying new office equipment. Certified used products will have all internal and external parts inspected and replaced by experienced biomedical technicians to provide maximum performance within the surgical setting. With the strict precautions taken to assure products are reliable and accurate, there is absolutely no need to sacrifice quality over cost when deciding to buy used over new.

As the practice of purchasing refurbished medical devices continues to grow, consumers need to be aware of the variables involved when seeking what they require. Be sure to research qualified distributors to be certain of their professional credentials, guarantees, maintenance programs, on-site availability, and return policies as well as customer service ratings. Comparison shop to obtain the best price on the type of machine that meets your particular requirements. Remember that used inventory will fluctuate, so you may have to be flexible and plan ahead to find the right equipment to satisfy your needs.