Google: Behind the Numbers: Just How Big Is The Giant?

The numbers that result from the way that the world's largest search engine, Google, does its business reveals more than just what amount of revenue they made last year. This behemoth of a corporation has further expanded its grasp to anything and everything technology-related, from mobile technology to cloud computing technology to advertising.
Advertisers have, and probably will be for a long time, the ones that bring in the money to Google. They fund an overwhelming majority of Google's profits, regardless of the fact it's shady products that those advertisers are paying for to be displayed.

The one single factor that makes Google different from each of its competitors is the popularity that it enjoys ownership of some of the most widely used and recognized services n the internet today. Everyone that has used the internet for any length of time is accustomed to what the verb “Googling” means and almost everyone has watched at least one video on Youtube. But what facts do the telltale numbers provide about the internet giant?