The Importance of Training Your Dog Properly

Training your dog can be a an overwhelming and frustrating task, but a necessary one to avoid future unwanted problems that can escalate into major dilemmas, including legal ones. Lack of training your dog properly in socialization skills can lead to acts of canine aggression towards others and all too often, injury. If these injuries are serious, legal charges may be pressed against you as the owner in charge and lawsuits filed to collect justifiable compensation.

Dogs can be readily socialized by their owners or trainers at any age in order to avoid these kinds of hazardous situations, provided the proper education and instruction. In order to effectively make a difference, it is important to be aware of precautions you need to take in advance regarding your state’s laws with regard to these matters.

Personal Injury

A New Hampshire personal injury lawyer will represent those who believe they have been a victim in a dog bite accident. If so, an individual may sue for just compensation to cover medical costs that have resulted from the dog bite. Other forms of monetary compensation may include that for pain, suffering, affected wages, and property damages. This is because a severe dog bite may leave you unable to work until you are able to fully recover. In addition, actions that the dog owner took may also result in punitive damages that a NH medical malpractice lawyer will attempt to have awarded in the victim’s case. If the dog owner intentionally provoked their dog, this could result in these additional awards. Thankfully, a number of insurance plans will cover costs related to dog bites.

Legal rulings

New Hampshire dog bite lawyer will familiarize you with the details of dog bite laws in your state. Most states will hold the dog owner liable for any dog bites. However, it must be decided whether or not the owner had any previous knowledge of the dog’s aggression. This rule is known as “dangerous propensities.” The owner will be questioned as to whether or not they knew that their dog was of a breed that is prone to biting and if so, that the necessary safety precautions were taken to prevent this from happening. In some states, strict liability is held for dog owners when they are responsible for bites regardless of the circumstances. On the other hand, in certain cases, the owner may not be liable due to “contributory negligence.” This legal term means that a person may have approached a dog that was known to be dangerous, due to it being in an enclosed area with “Beware of Dog” signs. Dog owners usually win in such cases.