Refinish Your Floors or Start A new?

Wood floors are a great choice in any location or climate. San Diego wood flooring options include installing a new wood floor or refinishing an existing wood floor.

Both options give the homeowner a lot of choices in the areas of color, style, pattern, and type of wood. But San Diego flooring projects have their inherent drawbacks, and the biggest ones when working with wood floors are the amount of time they take to replace or install and the mess created by the project.

One of the advantages of wood floors is the ability to refinish them when they’re worn down or it’s time for a change. It’s almost always cheaper and easier to refinish a wood floor than to replace it, even if it’s replaced with a much more economical alternative such as laminate or vinyl.

On the other hand, refinishing wood floors is a messy, time-consuming project, even if you’re hiring someone else to do the work. It is almost always faster to replace a wood floor than to refinish it. If you’re low on time and can’t afford a new wood floor, San Diego laminate floor options include faux wood and other alternatives to real wood floors.

The good news for your wallet is that most homeowners can refinish a wood floor themselves with very little prior skill or knowledge, and without the cost of labor, the price is very minimal. Your decision will probably be based on other factors in addition to cost, however.

· Aesthetics: If you want to change the length or width of the planks or the direction or pattern that they run in, you’ll need to replace the entire floor. If you’re simply unhappy with the color of a wood floor, you can sand off the old stain and start over with a new color.

· Location of the floor in your living space: You can probably refinish the floor in your attic or other low-traffic area while you’re living in the house, but the floor in a kitchen or great room is another story. Refinishing starts with a lot of sanding that causes a fine layer or dust to settle all over your home. During the staining and sealing process, which takes several days, you won’t be able to walk on the floor at all. Needless to say, all furniture must be removed from the area for the duration of the project.

· Age of the old floor: If the floor is over a hundred years old and has been refinished several times, it probably needs to be replaced. It can only be sanded down and refinished so many times. Some older floors are made from pine, which is a soft wood that needs to be refinished more often, so replacing pine planks with a more durable variety of wood creates a longer-lasting floor that won’t need refinishing as often.

At the end of the day, replacing or refinishing your wood flooring are both a lot easier when you don’t have to live in the home at the same time. That’s why a floor is best replaced or refinished before you move into the home.

If you’re taking on the project in your current home and aren’t doing the work yourself, consider putting the project off until your next vacation out of town. If you’re doing the project yourself, you may need to spend your next vacation doing it and spend the nights at a hotel or with friends.