Ten Common Pests You Might Find In Your Northeastern Home

Pests are persistent. That’s partly what makes them pests. New Hampshire pest control technicians make it their duty to keep homes free of any stray insects or animals. Even the most hospitable human beings might find it hard to share their homes with a colony of ants or mice in the crawlspace.

Here are ten common pests that New Hampshire exterminators have to deal with regularly.

1. Squirrels

While they can be found in just about every region of the country, squirrels generally aren’t the pests that we might initially imagine. We’re used to seeing them in parks, enjoying nuts and stray food thrown on the ground. Some will, however, find their way into homes during the winter. They’re not particularly harmful, but they’re not much fun to have around either. New Hampshire squirrel removal experts will be able to assist you if you’ve discovered some small, furry roommates.

2. Ants

If you’ve been on a picnic or left out some candy over the weekend, you’re probably more than familiar with ants. Ants are social insects that communicate through pheromones. As such, getting rid of ants may be a matter of finding and eliminating the main colony.

3. Flies

These pesky insects are interested almost entirely in food. They can’t bite or sting, but houseflies are known to carry numerous diseases, including bacteria tied to food poisoning. Flies taste with their feet, and you can only imagine where those feet might have been before landing on those leftovers.

4. Wasps

Wasps can be a big problem. Unlike bees, wasps will not die after stinging a human, making them extremely dangerous to your home, especially if you have kids. On top of that, wasps are attracted to sweet foods. Larger nests can contain over 25,000 wasps.

5. Spiders

Most spiders you’ll find around the house are generally harmless, having either no venom or venom that is too weak for humans. Most spiders are actually extremely helpful in catching other wayward pests. However, many still see spiders as unwanted creatures because they can leave you with itchy bites and some are very dangerous, like black widows.

6. Mosquitoes

These winged bloodsuckers are the bane of many camping trips, barbecues, and outdoor activities. While they are mostly harmless, some mosquitoes are known to transmit harmful disease during feeding. However, the common mosquito is more nuisance than anything dangerous. We all know how annoying an itchy mosquito bite can be.

7. Rats

Rats have a bad rap thanks to the bubonic plague and have been implicated in numerous other diseases, namely rabies. They have powerful bites and are capable of fitting their whole bodies through holes no bigger than their heads.

8. Fleas

Fleas are incredibly difficult to get rid of, especially if you have a pet. While they feed on you and your pet, they lay eggs, which hatch within mere days. While you spend time getting all those fleas off of Fido, the larva grows and spreads.

9. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are just as bad as fleas and are infinitely harder to eliminate. They can cause terrible skin rashes and make it entirely impossible to sleep. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to rid your home of bedbugs—but call a professional to be sure they’re taken care of.

10. Cockroaches

They feed on human and pet food and leave a particularly bad odor. They also transport microbes that are potentially harmful to human health. They are also especially hardy creatures, capable of going weeks without food, and can even survive a nuclear blast!