Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30

Mark Zuckerberg at age 26 years old is as rich as he is famous. The young American entrepreneur is one of the co-founders of Facebook. Currently he is also serving as its CEO. Zuckerberg is from White Plains, New York, where he learned programming in Middle School, apparently an education that paid off in billions. Zuckerberg is now worth about $6.9 billion, and his company, Facebook is continuing to grow exponentially, promising the multi-billionaire even more wealth in the years to come. He owns 24% of the company.

Launched in February 2004, Facebook is a behemoth social networking service. It is a private company, Facebook, Inc. In April 2012, Facebook reported that it has well over 900 million active users. The website is popular because it is so easy to use and people can almost intuitively learn how to make friends, exchange messages, and notify others of their latest activities.

From: Business MBA