Amazing Bathroom Decorations Peaceful Feelings

One room in your home that you don’t want to overlook for comfort is your bathroom. Believe it or not, you can decorate it to look fresh, exciting and comfortable on a budget.

You want to consider the color scheme and what mood you want to project in your bathroom. If you’re going for a tropical look, consider all shades of greens, blues and other earth tones, such as beiges, browns and yellow. To many mixtures of colors may bring about frenzy so keep the choices to a minimum, especially if you’re going for a nurturing zen atmosphere.
Bamboo is affordable, tropical and artistic. You can use the material for toothbrush holders, storage containers, small stands and even tissue box dispensers. The wood like material will look great with almost any chosen theme or colors you choose.

Don’t underestimate the smaller touches that you’re able to make. Seashells, shower curtains, and hooks with flowers, or waterfalls are very euphoric. Consider the type of books you can add; travel, islands and fashion magazines are always fun to look at. Small paintings of the ocean, tropical fish or even beaches, will give your bathroom the feel of a relaxing vacation. Your bath mat, hand towels and shower curtain look great in bright colors to accentuate the neutral colors of your walls and eclectic paintings. If you have a window, consider small curtains that give the window a frame that brings attention straight to that space.

Although your floor may be your most expensive renovation (besides plumbing), it most certainly is the first design you want to invest in. Porcelain tiling is very resistant to spills and cleans easily. Marble tiling is elegant and will give your bathroom a very expensive look. Ceramic tiling has become a very popular choice for many homes. It’s reasonably priced, comes in many colors and is very durable, which works if you have younger children. All three tile choices come in many colors.
Your choices for face bowl and tub faucet fixtures is astronomical. There are so many designs, you’ll just have to take your time to find the one that best matches your theme. Gold tends to look a bit more upscale, however any scratches or wear and tear will become obvious very quickly. Stainless steel silver can be just as eye catching, however most will not show scratches or need as much maintenance as the gold plated fixtures.
Have fun while decorating your bathroom. Give it flare, zeal and distinguish the colors from every other room in your home. It’s for relaxing, privacy and escaping so everything you put in it should give you a peaceful feeling.