Finding the Perfect Unique Photo Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone on a birthday, holiday, or other commemorative occasion can be stressful and overwhelming. Parents’ and grandparents’ days, graduations, newborn babies, and any other milestone in your friends’ and family members’ lives deserve to be celebrated with a gift.

With photo gifts, you’ll never run out of unique gift ideas for all the different people and occasions in your life. From charm bracelets to drink coasters, there are tons of gift ideas for all personalities to preserve your favorite photo memories as an alternative to a traditionally framed picture.

Deck of cards

Custom playing cards are a fun gift that combines years of memories and loads of fun together in a box you can wrap. Your favorite photo is printed on the back of 54 playing cards that ensure you’re always dealing a good-looking hand. A deck of cards is a fun, nontraditional gift that brings friends and family members together, and it’s small enough to take on any family outing.

Charm gifts

Try a spin on the idea of charm bracelets and necklace lockets with photo charms. Photo necklaces are a photo charm on a chain that’s worn around the neck. Much like a locket that keeps your favorite photo close to your heart, a photo charm necklace lets you wear your memories in style. A photo charm is sealed and protected so you can show off your photo without a locket.

Photo charms can also be added to a charm bracelet to create an eclectic piece of jewelry that contains your favorite memories. You can create a charm bracelet entirely out of photo memory charms, or simply add a photo charm to an existing bracelet.

Photo charms can also be used to create keychains containing one or more charms. Photo keychains can make the perfect charm gift for the man or woman in your life that doesn’t like to wear necklaces, bracelets, or chunky jewelry.

Photo coasters

Everyone needs coasters, right? Coasters help protect your furniture and give guests an appropriate place to put their drink. Another cool way to show off your photo memories without traditionally framed pictures is with photo coasters.

Coasters come in sets of four with a different original picture printed on each. Photo prints are protected with laminate while a cork backing provides a non-slip barrier between your drink and the coffee table. Photo coasters turn your perfectly captured memories into a stylish home detail.

No matter how you slice it, you really can’t go wrong with making unique gifts for loved ones with special photos. Photos are close-to-the-heart artifacts of the grand journeys of life, and they’ll never go out of style.