Make it happen: Retiree to Full-Time RVer

Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Once we settle in to a routine at home, things can get awfully boring. The hobbies we take up eventually lose their fun, too. How many model airplanes can we fit in the basement anyway?

But there is an escape from the retirement doldrums: RVing.

RVing gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but now you finally have the time and the means to do it. Be your own person, riding forth to the setting sun, shacking up with other motorhomes in some of the country’s most wildly beautiful settings.

It’s not as hard as you’d think, either. Read on for some tips on leaving your restless retired life behind and becoming a full-time RVer.

Get the goods

First, you need to get a used RV and all the accoutrements that go with it:

  • Ladders and tools. An RV needs maintenance just like any home or auto (and an RV is both, so think about that), so bring along a comprehensive toolkit and folding ladder to stash in your storage compartment in the event of a flat tire or busted windshield wiper.
  • A tow dolly. If you plan on bringing your family sedan or 4x4, you’ll need a dolly to pull it along behind. This is something that’s usually worth spending the extra money for a premium model. After all, there’s a lot of financial weight riding along back there.


Make the arrangements

Tell the bridge club goodbye, you’re off on an adventure.

  • Seniors should always register with AAA, as you’ll get tons of money-saving deals all throughout the country. This helps if you want a break from your RV for a night or two and pony up for the hotel in Houston instead of staying out in the heat.
  • Get some maps and pick points of interest. It helps to have a general idea of where you’re going to go, especially high-volume places where you may have to make reservations, like Las Vegas or Branson, Missouri. You’ll see all kinds of like-minded individuals in these places, so look for the old Winnebagos or Fleetwood motorhomes all parked together in a parking lot. Those are your people.

Hit the road

Make a playlist, complete with hits like “On the Road Again,” “Take me Home (Country Roads),” and “Free Bird.”

  • Unplug the TV, take out the trash, lock the door and shut the garage. Don’t look back, or you’ll keep getting the feeling that you’ve forgotten something.
  • Rev up the RV. Turn on the GPS. Goodbye driveway; hello highway.