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Original screen printing t shirts - Screen printing

Screen printing is a very popular way that artists use to get their designs on t shirts. Screen printing was popularized by Andy Warhol in the 1960s. Warhol used the print screen method however on canvases and not shirts. Rotary machines began appearing and were mainly used to print logos and names on bowling uniforms, it wasn't until later that they began to be popularized as a simple way to design t shirts.
Screen printing has become increasingly popular. So much so that today half of all screen printing is done on clothing. More efficient and versatile methods were developed over time allowing designers to add more than one color with complex design possibilities. Screen printing, with its simplicity, speed, and versatility, have allowed itself to be an extremely widespread and simple way to design graphics on t shirts as well as canvases.
The basic idea behind screen printing is a piece of mesh fabric stretch to fill a frame. A design is made and the negative parts of the design are covered. Then a color is applied and smeared over the mesh. The color dye passes through the mesh but not the negative and creates an image on your shirt or canvas. Today the mesh is made out of a nylon instead of cotton or fabric.
To make a screen print t shirt you will only need to follow some simple steps as it is pretty easy to do. First thing's first. Draw out any type of design you want, but for the purposes of this guide try and make it all one color and shade. Scan it into your computer and Photoshop it to make the color consistent throughout. Then print out your design. Next get your silk screen (which will really be nylon) and cover it evenly with a light sensitive emulsion, be sure to do this and let it dry in a dark place. Drying should only take an hour.
Next you will need some UV lights in a type of box with a glass cover on top. Place your image on top and then your emulsion. Place some heavy objects on your mesh so it won't move and the light wont escape. Wait for about 5 minutes and pick up your mesh. Wash the mesh in a bathtub and you will have a negative of your image on the screen. Now you can use your screen on a t shirt and apply ink on the mesh. When you remove your mesh the design will be on your t shirt.