Cleaning Your Pool Water With A Backwash Hose

Keeping the water in your pool clean, and preventing algae from forming are both essential for any pool owner, and maintaining your D.E. pool filter is vital. A backwash hose allows you to regularly backwash your D.E. filter, which will help to keep it functioning efficiently. Backwashing can help to remove any debris or loose objects that may have become stuck in the soft, sedentary rock that the filter uses as a filtering device, ensuring optimum performance.

Step One

Disconnect the power supply to your filter before you securely attach the backwash hose. Turn the multiport valve to the backwash position which will ensure that particles in the filter are dislodged due to water moving in the other direction.

Step Two

Turn the power switch on your pool filter back on. The filter now has water running through it which will help to loose and dislodge any soil, dirt and debris. The particles will then be pushed out through the backwash hose.

Step Three

The backwash hose has a clear viewing window fitted to it, allowing you to observe the quality of the water coming through, and you should keep the hose running until the filter is clear. The first step is complete, once you are satisfied that the water appears clear.

Step Four

Water should be passed through both sides at least several times, to ensure that your water is as clear as possible. After you have run the hose in the filter position for at least a few minutes, turn the filter off, then back on and run it in the backwash position for several minutes. Alternating between these two settings will ensure that as much debris as possible is removed and once you are finished and the backwash valve is back in the filter position, you can turn your filter on again.

Step Five

You will then need to add some more D.E. to your pool skimmer, once the filter is running again and you may need to replace the water if a lot was removed from the pool during the cleaning process. You can also repeat the backwash process a couple more times if necessary, especially if the water still appears to be green or cloudy.

Backwashing Tips

When the pressure gauge on your swimming pool has a reading of over 20psi, it is probably time to backwash your pool filter. The filter can easily become damaged or can simply wear out if this is not done soon after you notice the reading. In addition to your routine water testing and pool cleaning, it is recommended to add this procedure to your pool checklist so you do not forget.

The backwash filter will also be removing a large volume of water from your pool, and you need to determine where you want that excess water to go. Too much water on your lawn can cause damage, and you also do not want water going into your neighbor's yard.

A pool can be enjoyed by your family and friends for many years, and regular and thorough maintenance and leaning will ensure that the water is both healthy and inviting.

About the Author Greg works for Blue Haven Pools & Spas—a manufacturer of swimming pools Oklahoma City residents trust. They are specialists in building and servicing all types of pools and spas.